Christie Ingest Setup (IMB)

To add the CSX to your Christie Integrated Media Block server:

1. Verify the NAS device is connected to one of the gigabit Ethernet ports on the Christie IMB labeled NAS-A or NAS-B.
2. Tap Menu > Christie IMB > System.
3. Tap Storage.
4. Tap Add NAS.
5. Tap Primary if this is your primary NAS device. (optional)
6. Tap Yes.
7. Complete the information fields for the NAS device. - Select Ingest as the Device Type
8. Tap Refresh Share Names.
9. Select a share in the Share list.
10. Tap OK.
11. Tap Save.
12. Tap OK.

You can now ingest content from the CSX by going to Menu > Christie IMB > Content, tap Remote Content, then tap Load.